Monday, December 31, 2012

time for you to go!

Max has recently decided that he is totally in charge of when people should leave our house...aka "GO" which he does with his cute lil' finger. (Notice a trend with the lights, the piano, his room...the boy is BOSSY! Wonder where he got that trait?)

He especially is opinionated with his caregiver, Gina. (Fortunately she takes it all in stride!) If she is with him at our house and I come home...he quickly wants her to go. He understands that usually just one of us is here, and he prefers a quick transition apparently.

In the past few weeks, he will actually walk her to the door (pushing along the way) and open the door...and yes, close it quickly behind her. It's quite hilarious but not very kind.

He took it up to an entirely new level a few days ago. Gina (Max's caregiver) was watching Max and Aspasia at our house. Sia's mom, Mystique, had just arrived and was helping Sia finish her dinner. Max came and found me and signed "sleep" so we went and said good night to Aspasia, Gina and Mystique.

He signed "good night" and we started walking towards his bedroom. However, before he started going up the stairs, he turned around and very purposefully waved "good bye" in "why are you still here...time for you to leave."

We all thought it was cute and I explained to Max that they were going to finish dinner but we could get ready for bed. He went to the bathroom but immediately got back off the toilet and headed downstairs (cute naked butt and all) and told them all (via pointing towards the door) to leave. He started getting angry at this point, but I didn't want them to leave just because Max was telling them to. He can't think he can always boss people around but I also wanted him to be heard. So I once again explained what was happening. He didn't want to hear it. He started pulling Gina towards the door.

I finally got him upstairs in his bedroom. But he still was angry and was pointing downstairs...basically saying "tell them to GOOOOOO Mom!" I was having such a difficult time not laughing. His communication was amazing. He made it very, very, very clear he wanted them to go.

When I settled him into bed, I thought perhaps all was well. Nope, he came back down and insisted AGAIN for them to go. He opened the door and escorted them out of the house.

Oh crack me up. Excited for the next opportunity to practice more communication (and using his TouchChat app) to clearly tell everyone to "please go."

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