Sunday, December 30, 2012

the piano boss

Max is quite selfish about the piano these days...WOW! Love his spunk but my goodness, it's just a bit over the top at times. :)
During Grammy's holiday stay here, I was hoping she could help Max learn the piano more. He definitely has interest and thought he might like to learn simple notes, etc.
However, Max refuses to let Grammy sit down and play...minor obstacle. :) The funniest moment was after Christmas dinner Grammy thought it could be fun to play and sing some carols together. We thought that Max might be ok with it because there would be a group of us...and we would all be joining in on the music with various instruments in his music box.

Nope, Max wasn't cool with it.

Initially Max went up to Grammy at the piano and we thought it might work.
But he quickly started to try and pull and push her off the chair. Uh oh.
Then Max tried another approach. He sat down and tried to pull her chair away from the piano.
We were all trying to hide our giggles...his determination was quite amusing!
Then I tried to distract him with the other instruments.
But Max coudn't keep his eyes off Grammy at the piano.

"Mom, she is STILL there!"
"Ahhhhh....I am sooooooo angry about this!"

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