Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"I like to read"

Max is learning to read simple books (with sign and support) and he came home the other day when a page from one of the books. We read it together and had quite the AMAZING moment. He signed "I" and then he paused and signed "love". He stopped and shook his head "no" (which he never does but we have been working on for years) and then signed "like." He realized he had signed the wrong word. He then went on to sign "to read."

AMAZING! He will definitely self-correct when writing or typing, but I have never seen him do it so clearly with sign language. I still am in shock and wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't there.
I am not sure why/how he confused the words love and like...I don't know if he actually understands those concepts...if he understands they are similar...or if he just confused them because their appearance is similar. His team and I are all struggling with identifying his actual comprehension of reading...very difficult to determine. So it was confusing but soooooooo very exciting nonetheless. :)
Then as if that wasn't cool enough...a few hours later, he surprised me again. He went to the bathroom to throw away his diaper and returned quickly (too quickly) to his bedroom. So I told him to return to the bathroom and go potty. Two minutes later, I hear him getting off the potty and getting ready to flush. YEP, he went #2 all by himself...and knew right away that deserved an immediate flush. It was awesome!!!
Last but not least, he and I were doing the happy dance about his potty success, and I of course was being super excited (i.e. loud). So what did he do? Well, he turned down his hearing aid! Soooo perfectly! :) But then of course that made me squeal with delight even more!!!
Thank you Mighty Max for being the amazing, unique, complex, beautiful boy that you are...I adore everything about you!!! :)


Kate said...

Love everything about this! So amazing!! :)

Suzanne Holman said...

Wow, Max! Great stuff happening with you!
See you soon!!!!

Jaye said...

LOVE that he turned down his hearing aid!!! Smart AND a sense of humour! Love that kiddo!

Carolyn said...

Love you both,
Carolyn in WV