Monday, November 19, 2012

more tests

Our most recent day at Seattle Children's began with another hearing test. This time we wanted to check on Max's hearing using the BTE aids. He did great and definitely impressed the audiologist with all this spelling in between sounds. The next step is to proceed with the soft band BAHA.
Then we headed to Radiology for an unsedated MRI. I didn't think about it before how nervewracking this would be for Max. Not sure if I could have prepared him any differently, but was definitely a doozy! He was furious!
The good news is that the MRI showed that Max does NOT have hydrocephalus. Yay!  
The last stop was with the dental clinic. Wow, this was worse (in Max's eyes) than the MRI. It took four adults AND a very tightly wrapped blanket to even get a little look into his sweet mouth. He was beyond angry with everyone. When he was finished, he continued screaming/crying and insisted we leave immediately.
Sorry more poking and prodding at the hospital for at least a few weeks.  

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