Monday, October 29, 2012

eating rules

While I know it probably isn't great for food "manners," I always bring snacks to Max throughout the day. I have always been so concerned with his caloric intake and so I always am giving him a bit here and and there.

Recently Max has decided he has particular rules about the snacks as far as the amount and "delivery."

1) He likes two bites in a row...therefore you must always be prepared for that.

2) Secondly, he doesn't like the plate right beside him. So he will bring it back to the kitchen or put it on a nearby shelf. Usually that is ok, but recently he has been putting it low enough...not a good idea in a home with three dogs.

Tonight he wanted to watch Leap Frog after dinner, and I brought him a little brownie to enjoy during the video. I guess I put the plastic container on the kitchen counter so he helped himself to more. He must have brought the container back to the living room with him and then decided he didn't want it RIGHT there with him. The only reason I know this is because I found an empty container in my purse. It must have had ten brownies in there and I bet the dogs enjoyed every last bite! Fortunately they were zucchini brownies so at least they were fairly healthy.

3) He doesn't want wrappers or empty dishes. He has really never "called" for me but the other day I heard something sounding like "Mom" and of course I ran into his room. There he was holding out  an empty wrapper for me. I, of course, celebrated that he "called" for me!!! But seriously Max..., really???

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Carolyn said...

I love this blog and that he called for you, you should see me smiling. Love you two!
Carolyn in WV