Sunday, August 5, 2012

good times at costco

What I love most about my little man is that he can make a simple trip to Costco a fun experience!

Before we started shopping, we got a slice of pizza to share. There weren't any empty tables, so we asked a man if we could share his table. I was feeling bad because Max was being kind of ornery at first and this man probably was thinking "why my table???"

But after a few minutes, the man very politely asked me about Max and his challenges. Once we talked for awhile, he asked if it was ok to touch Max to say hello. When he did, Max turned to him...looked...and then picked up the pizza and tried to feed him. It was so sweet and funny. I think Max must have assumed we knew him since we were sharing a table and that he must have wanted something to eat. The man was so touched and thought it was the kindest thing ever. So cute!

Then because I was giggling about it, Max started giggling and his happy feet took over. He started doing his little dance and it was perfect. This is Max in motion...

You ready for more? Ok here goes...

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Mon said...

You have the cutest boy ever! And on that second picture, he looks a bit like Harry Potter (in his face), so cute