Monday, July 30, 2012

never mind the elephant...

So as much as we enjoyed the adventure of feeding the elephant...the real excitement was when we returned to Max's stroller.

At the picnic earlier in the day, I picked up a Capri Sun for Max to encourage some sips. He seemed to not mind it when I squeezed the bag and a little would go into his mouth. Well this time, he picked up the Capri Sun and helped himself. This is HUGE in our world. While Max has now been cleared for drinking liquids (via a swallow study a few months ago), he has shown little interest. He has accepted more tiny (and I mean little itty bitty tiny) sips when I offer but only when I offer. There have been a few times in the past year that he has shown interest and tried a straw...but very rarely.

This was a very BIG deal...and so of course we were very excited and taking pictures of this new development. Never mind the elephant just a few feet away...we quickly became the main attraction.


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