Tuesday, June 12, 2012

quite the helper!

Yes, it's another trampoline! We are currently the proud owners of FOUR trampolines...two big outdoors and two small indoors. What can I say, my kiddo has vestibular and proprioceptive issues and jumping is a preferred activity to help address both. (And ok, some people might suggest I do tend to go a little overboard when it comes to Maxwell...and yes, there probably is some truth to that.)

So our older trampoline was great and provided countless hours of joy. However, not having a net was always a little worrisome so we decided to go for a slightly smaller but safer trampoline.

And the best part? Max was totally into helping put it together!!!

Here is our friend, Matt.laying out all the supplies.
Notice the lil' head on his left...yep, that's Max checking out the plans.
Max thought the hammering was pretty cool!

And this was one of Max's very favorite "duties"...screwing in the poles. He really did it (with a little support) and seemed to really enjoy the "purposeful" work. I think sometimes Max gets bored with all of his therapy and education that doesn't seem to have a "purpose" in his eyes.
Taaa daaa! Two big trampolines! (One is going on Craigs List to find a new family)

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