Monday, April 30, 2012

"independence" at the garden shop

Yesterday Max and I went to pick up some new flowers for our garden. As I was wheeling them around, I realized that might be something Max can "help" with and learn some independence. He was so cute and good about it!

One of the funnier moments was on our second trip and I was explaining to the cashier how we were practicing independence, life skills, yadda yadda. As I walked away, I realized with a silly grin on my face that I was speaking in special needs talk and she probably was thinking "what the heck...the kid is like three and you are already working with him on independence?!?") It was quite a funny moment of realization that not everyone understands what goes into teaching a child with multiple disabilities....and it can be quite an interesting roller coaster of a journey.

Anyway....back to the super duper cute master gardening assistant! The first picture is my very favorite because he was exciting (note the sweet grin!) to be getting around that corner! :)

This picture was actually from our second trip to the garden shop and he knew just what to do. He totally was maneuvering around corners and keeping quite a few people entertained in the process.
Max too his job very seriously.
Max was a little confused why he was doing all the work and tried to involve me in the process.

He was very set on returning the cart to the exact place we found it!

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Carolyn said...

He is growing just like the plants he is picking out. And to take the cart back is awesome. Some adults don't do that.
Carolyn in WV