Saturday, April 28, 2012

"the big event"

Last night was Cordata Elementary's first annual PTA function, "The Big Event." So much fun!

I helped with some of the preparation (including almost 100 cupcakes....yum!) and am so grateful for all the hard work and energy put forth by the committee...amazing job ladies! :) Our PTA team is so awesome...thank you, thank you, thank you for ALL that you do! :)

Hundreds of families showed up and had a great time!
Max was quite enamored with his glow stick prize and won several more to make a necklace.
When the music came on,  Max headed straight for the sound. He even did a lil' shimmy of delight!
Max loved the cake walk! He didn't care about the actual winning part, he just was excited to be walking in circles with people. He was absolutely amused by it all!

Notice Max's joyful moves? So cute!

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Musings said...

What is your PTA's secret to getting so many families to come? Is your school a Title I?