Thursday, February 2, 2012

a day at school

I love taking photos of Max at school...and the other kiddos all love to join in on the fun. Today Daphne insisted on taking pics of us together and then had other classmates join in too. Quite cute!

There's Daphne again...super cutie patootie! Her parents are both deaf and so she is very good at signing. She (and Eva, the other girl in the class) LOVE to help Max! They both mother him very sweetly.
Max is in the typical kindergarten class for 30 minutes every morning. Usually it is the literacy block time, but today was free choice. Max isn't really into "playing"...but he seemed to enjoy watching the other kids. We TRIED to get him engaged in this puzzle game, but with little success. He is such a quirky lil man. :)

I know this is probably silly to take pictures of your kid washing his hands, but I am so proud of his emerging independence! AMAZING!

Max really enjoys having a turn at calendar time. Soooooo cute to watch him up there doing his thing.

Every afternoon the kiddos must pick a "job" to do in the classroom...either cleaning the tables or stacking the chairs. Love watching them do this! That is Ali, Max's wonderful interpreter/aide, reminding him where to put the chair.


Lisa W. said...

Nice to see all the 'stuff' they're doing at school, eh? Love all the pictures, he looks like he is doing wonderfully, Amy - way to go Max!

Suzanne Holman said...

Great to see the school me an idea of his new school! And love seeing him in action!!