Wednesday, November 2, 2011

pumpkin carving at speech therapy

We are truly blessed to be involved with the Speech/Communication Clinic at Western Washington University. Max has been attending speech therapy sessions twice a week there for nearly three years. They are incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate and caring. Typically each semester the actual clinician changes (they are students), but they work closely with their supervisor. And our supervisor is simply amazing! She has not only become a trusted advisor but also a wonderful friend.

Last week Max carved pumpkins with his two clinicians, Lyndsey and Erica. They use different activities to work with Maxwell on reception and expressive communication.

Gail (supervisor) often comes in and provides assistance or input.

The iPad is incorporated throughout the session. While Max isn't one to independently use this tool a lot, he will when prompted.
Oops, I've been spotted...what a sweet lil' smile my guy is giving me!

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