Saturday, November 5, 2011

another good day at Children's

I know hospitals aren't supposed to be "fun," but it's amazing what special moments you can share on such days. We always seem to really enjoy ourselves!

Yesterday, we returned to Children's for our (ok "his") sedated hearing test (BAER)...and sure enough, we enjoyed another great day together with many memorable moments! He truly amazes me with his calm, easy going nature and bravery in all situations.

The very first thing you must do at Children's is visit the beautiful fish tanks.
Max seriously heads straight to the tanks upon our arrival every time!
Did you know how much fun names badges can be? They present all kinds of opportunities to practice spelling!

Yep, check it out. There is Max finger spelling my name. Too funny!

Time to head back to the O.R. This is the first time he has walked independently to a procedure. Very cool!

He immediately started stripping off his gown. Wanted to show the ladies his beautiful body apparently! (That or he knows the routine so well that he knew they needed to add wires and tubes to him!)

Time for the laughing gas. Such a wonderful team helping him through this!

And Mommy gets to enjoy a delicious latte and cookie as she waits. I was a little nervous because Max is considered "high risk" for anesthesia but he did great medically. The hearing test results were, however, quite disappointing.
On our way home, Max decided to surprise me with spelling some new words. "Junior" and "house" were the two most repeated words. He would type in juniorhouse, gojunior, gohousethe as his "name" in the game.

Mysterious but good mysterious! His spelling is incredible!


Kurby Family said...

Very impressive spelling and reading skills--seeing him in these pictures, not sure what it was, but it hit me that he is turning into a little man! Very handsome, brave, and you Mr. Maxwell!

Carolyn said...

Max, I know what you were thinking when you were looking at Mommy's name tag, "she sure is beautiful".