Saturday, October 29, 2011

happy halloween!

We (ok...I) have been soooooooooo looking forward to our Halloween Party. Our house has been decorated...crafts and yummy treats all ready to go...but we were missing one important thing...MAX, aka the "Monster Cat!" He fell asleep right before the party and was not very interested in joining the fun.

Fortunately he got into it and even wore some of his costume. The funniest was when he would look at me. He knew I was the woman under the big witch hat...BUT was definitely confused on why I looked so funny. :) He loved my big glittery fake eye lashes and sparkly hat the most! I was so happy he had a great time. He loved the dancing, yummy food, his happy friends, musical chairs and the crazy pinatas...Happy Halloween Maxwell!

I love Max's expression...he actually was quite happy but he looks very darn curious about who the heck I am!

No fear...Doctor Dominic is here!

Check out our very own beautiful friend Tinkerbell. Hi Eva!
She insisted I was her next dancing fun!
Our friend, Heather, is so wonderful and caring to Maxwell. She was so excited when he finally joined in on the fun. But Max was a little more interested in the decorated pumpkin his friend just gave him. (Don't you just love Max's green hair!?!)
Yummy yum...time to eat! Ghosts (string cheese) and Mummies (wrapped up hotdogs)...and of course the Monster Marshmallows...were definite favorites for the kiddos.

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Carolyn said...

Max and Amy, you really know how to put on a party. I see some of the kiddos from a few years ago and how they have grown. Looks like everyone had a great time. Hugs,
Carolyn in WV