Sunday, August 7, 2011


On the last night of the conference, there is always a big celebration for the families and professionals. Such a wonderful time to simply laugh, dance, eat and have fun!

Max thought the shark artwork was super cool...and the pirate patch sealed the deal!

Max showed off his moves and musical talent on the dance floor! Go Max!

And he even participated in the conga line! So cute!

Last but not least, there were yummy treats to enjoy too! :)


Kurby Family said...

We were all so ecstatic to see you guys! Two years is too long! You both are beautiful people that we hold close to our heart. I am constantly amazed and finding smiles on my face each time I see what you post about Max's latest happenings!

Carolyn said...

Max, love your moves on the dance floor. You are exploring so many different things and loving every minute of it. Love you Max and your Incredible Mommy.