Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the sippy cup!

Most of Max's friends and family know that drinking has not been a part of his life. Due to an "uncoordinated swallow" and a history of "silent aspiration" (liquids going into lungs without any choking), all liquids have been given via his G-tube.

While I very much want Maxwell to drink, I cherish that he at least can eat...and that is HUGE. It took years for Max to learn how to eat safely and be motivated to do so. We still have our challenges in that arena, but as they say..."we've come a long way baby."

So....on to liquids. We have been trying to think of various ways to interest Maxwell in drinking. Last night, we hit the jackpot with this new sippy cup. (Thank you Gina!!!) He took many, many lil' sips...amazing! I seriously took about 100 was astounding to see him so comfortable and willing to try. YAY MAX!

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Crystal M. said...

AWESOME Job Max!!! Keep it up!!