Sunday, May 29, 2011

love of literacy

Max has showed great interest and skills in the area of it's no surprise that his favorite "object of affection" currently is a book.

There are about two or three currently in the rotation, and the chosen book gets to take part in just about every part of Max's life. From jumping on the trampoline and riding the bus to school to taking walks and providing entertainment on the potty...books are a BIG part of Max's life!

Max loves playing with our wind chime...and apparently so does his Mickey book.

Getting dressed isn't super easy for Max, but it certainly doesn't get easier when you try and read your book at the same time!

Oh yes, finally...sleepytime just for Max and his beloved.

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Carolyn said...

Max, I love it that you like books. You are one smart cookie.
Carolyn in WV