Sunday, May 29, 2011

all by himself!

Wow. What an amazing week this has been for Mighty Max!!! So many new accomplishments demonstrating his bravery and determination. You go Max, you go! :)

1) Taking shoes off and putting them back on...all by himself. So exciting! Love being able to tell him to go find his shoes and put them on. (He needs a little reminding along the way, but it's still very cool!)

2) Drinking (little sips) from a sippy cup...all by himself. Chocolate milk seems to be the favorite. He probably gets about a teaspoon or two total at each meal, but he is doing it...and that is awesome! I love watching him reach for it without me even asking him to!

3) Walking around the neighborhood...all by himself. (While this was exciting, it was also quite scary. My friend and I were working in the yard and within a few minutes, Max disappeared. We both ran in opposite directions looking for him...sure enough he was all the way around the corner!)

4) Riding a roller coaster...all by himself. Yep, all by cool is that!?!

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Carolyn said...

Max, You certainly are marking things off of your "to do list" and doing it at your own pace.
Carolyn in WV