Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SWIMMING! (part 1)

Max has had a love/hate relationship with water. When he was a lil' tyke, he learned to enjoy baths and would play, play, play. Then I brought him into a pool about two years ago and he hated it. It took the next several years to get him "ok" with bathtime...and it was quite the process! So when I learned about the adapted aquatics program at our local pool, I was very interested. The individuals are paired up with volunteer buddies and explore the water together. We made sure to get there very early to "reintroduce" him to the water. After checking out the scene, Max ventured into the water...yay! Very cute when Max kept tugging at his shorts...I could tell he was confused why he was wearing clothes in a "bathtub."

When Max first met his buddies Tim and Taylor, he wasn't too sure and got quite resistant to the water. But he warmed up to them and they played together at the side of the pool .

And then the real fun began....

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Crystal M. said...

Good Job Max!!! I love how you were not sure about having your clothes on, that is cute!!