Sunday, February 27, 2011

serious talent

I find myself talking pictures every day of Maxwell and his creative displays of organization. He truly amazes me with how much he enjoys this hobby...and he definitely has some talent!

This first one is one of my recent favorites...check out the two Mickeys admiring the trophy. Gotta love it!

Did you know that the back of the toilet can be a shelf too?

And let's not forget one of Max's very favorite spots to organize displays...right in front of the TV.

Woke up to this the other day and it certainly made me smile! Max must have woken up in the middle of the night and decided his Disney photos in the hallway needed some jazzed up with some Sesame characters. Too cute!


Carolyn said...

Love, Love Love it!!! He certainly is an organizer. Everytbing in its place.
Carolyn in WV

sbh said...

Max, you should give lessons. I know a big kid you would put to shame.xoxo
Suehaddad ;)

Crystal M. said...

Max you are just to cute!!!

Kristi said...

LOVE this!
Not a bad trait to have, Max! :-)
Amy, it makes me smile to think of all the little surprises that you find throughout the house!