Friday, January 7, 2011

Cookie Monster (aka MAX) Goes to Washington

Instead of holding on to his favorite toy, Max decided cookies were his latest objects of affection and insisted on carrying a cookie around 24/7 during our trip to DC. Too funny...and a little messy! :)

Yep...there's Mighty Max helping himself to a cookie...again. We were in a private family room while the Members of Congress got sworn in, and Max was quite pleased with the extensive goody selection.

Later in the day we had a photo opportunity with Speaker of the House John Boehner. My favorite part of this photo? Max holding his beloved chocolate chip cookie and wearing his fun red chucks. (Our luggage got lost en route to DC.) We tried to stand behind everyone but Speaker Boehner pulled us up front.

It's official...come on in! A lot of people came in from the district for the big day and fortunately there were plenty of cookies at the reception. Yay for Cookie Monster Max!

On our way out of town, we had to get one quick shot together. (Max seems really excited about it, doesn't he?) One of the friendly Capitol Police took our photo and also gifted Max with an official iron on "Capitol Police Officer" patch and pin.
Oh and yes, the cookie is there in Max's sweet little hand. Of course.

We got bumped to first class for the trip home...yay! And guess what? Not only did Max still have his cookie from earlier (see right hand), the flight attendents gave him plenty more.


Kurby Family said...

What an exciting thing to attend! Love that the cookie followed him everywhere...great way to keep it a memorable trip!

Crystal M. said...

Very exciting and I love how he is holding on to that cookie!!

Carolyn said...

Max, Looks like you were right at home with all the activities going on. You are awesome.