Sunday, November 7, 2010

typical it!

Max has recently developed two new skills (aka "misbehaviors") that are just so darn typical. I have to makes me sooo happy and proud!

He has never been one to spit out food. If he doesn't like something or has difficulty chewing/swallowing, he will just hold it in his cheek like a hamster and it could be there for hours. I have tried to explain and demonstrate that he can spit it out. Well, last night he suddenly realized, "hey, I don't have to eat what she puts in my this lady!" And sure enough, he spit out the Mac & Cheese! After a few bites of something else, we tried the macaroni again. Again he spit it out. So he not only was VERY aware of what he was not enjoying, but he also knew what to do about it! GO MAX!

Then this afternoon Max was enjoying a bite size Snickers (SUCH a chocolate lover!). After having it in his mouth for some time, he spit out all the peanuts in his hand. I don't know how one can do that, but he managed to get every last bit of chocolate but not a single peanut crumb!

Recently Maxwell has decided that he really enjoys slamming his bedroom door when he is upset with me. His favorite time to do this is in the morning when I have repeatedly put him in his room throughout the night. So when I finally do "let him out" for the day, he wants to remind me that ultimately he is in charge...and slams the door 2-3 times. It's quite hysterical and I find it difficult to not laugh right at him! :) Love your stubborn streak Max!

*I was just about to publish this post and out of the corner of my eye, I spot Max throwing his iPad and spitting out his hotdog on the floor. Ok, so maybe he is taking this "misbehavior" one step further than I find smart and humorous! :)


Crystal M. said...

Wow Max way to keep mommy on her toes. Eva does something like that I can get her a whole spoon full of mashed food and have a pea or carrot on it and she finds it and spits out that pea or carrot. CRAZY KIDS!!! LOL!

Kurby Family said...

I have to have Joey open his mouth before bed each night to check his "pockets" since he is big into that! Great job Max for spitting it out. Amazing that you can indulge in a Snickers and weed out the peanuts...impressive!