Wednesday, November 3, 2010

McKinley WINS!

Wow, what a year this has been! We have been blessed to have so many people throughout West Virginia helping to elect my father (Max's "Papa") to U.S. Congress. Last night this dream became a reality! Here is a link to some television coverage of my father's victory speech.
Thanks again everyone for all of your support this past year. Now it's time for my father and all the newly elected Representatives to work together and make some positive changes for our nation. Congratulations to all!


Carolyn said...

Congrats to Max's "Papa" and a former classmate of mine. Amy, I'm sure you worked on this this campaign even though you were in WA most of the time.
Carolyn in WV

Drew said...

What an awesome picture!!! You all look so excited and happy.

Congrats to the Congressman and your whole family.

Kurby Family said...

Congrats to Max's Papa! I remember seeing the post that he was going to be running, it seems like it was so long ago. So much time, work, and dedication, well deserved!

Catherine said...

Thanks for writing and ironically I was going to write to you today to wish your dad and your family congratulations. I have absolutely no understanding about US politics, but obviously can appreciate this is both a huge undertaking and honour for your dad and of course, an amazing success. Congratulations and may great things come to the country for such high office!!!

Crystal M. said...

CONGRATS TO ALL!! I know it was a lot of work and I know it paid off. Wish I could have voted for him but again looks like you all did it without my vote.

Crystal and Eva