Thursday, October 28, 2010

school days

Check out whiz kid!

After each station, Teacher Sarah instructs the students to conclude their work by saying (and signing) "1,2,3...stop." However, Max really enjoys computer time. You can see he is doing a great job ignoring his aide Lisa who is reinforcing the teacher's instruction with the sign for "stop."
On to art time. The students learn by following instructions, making choices and creating different projects.

Circle time with some of our favorite buddies!

Time for recess!

Woo hoo Dylan...way to go! Now stop flirting with my aide, Lisa...she's all mine! :)


Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Love seeing these pics of you in school, Max. It looks like you have a great team and are making lots of friends!

Carolyn said...

Great pics and nice to see you and Dylan together.
Carolyn in WV

hannah m said...

So fun to catch a glimpse into school Max's day!

Kristi said...

Love getting this peek at his school program, team and his day! Looks like he is in a great setting with great people! :-)
LOVE that he is ignoring the instruction to "stop." So typical and stubborn! :-)

Crystal M. said...

Eva loves computer time as well, I love that they do and they can do so much with the help of switches.