Thursday, July 29, 2010

the amazing iPad

I cannot even put into words how truly amazing the iPad (aka the "big I" in our house)...we just love it! :)

It has been so incredibly motivating for Maxwell. From drawing and tracing apps to games and matching apps (and everything in between), it is awesome! So much to learn and experience...WOW!

But the main reason we wanted this super cool tool was for the AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication device) component. It's called Proloque2Go...and it's 1/50th the cost of traditional communication devices (and a heck of a lot cooler).

I finally have Proloque ready to go for Max. It comes with soooooo many options that you have to put some work into to truly personalize and simplify it for a young kiddo like Max.

We are starting small and transitioning from his board book on requests that are really motivating. For example, he knows how to ask for a video with sign and with his board book...but that was the first "request" I taught him to do with his AAC. And he totally got it right away!

Here is Max using his iPad to draw a tree (for the very first time...incredible!) as we wait for his audiologist to reprogram his hearing aids. You go Max, you go!


Crystal M. said...

Max you are so awesome, I am always so proud of you and your mommy!!

Kurby Family said...

That is truly amazing Mr. Maxwell! I love it! Such a cool toy!

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Carolyn said...

Max, I'm sure you know more about the iPad than I do. Love the pic with your legs crossed.
Hugs to you and your Incredible Mommy!!