Monday, June 7, 2010

the amazing "red phone"

Max is head over heels in love with his itouch...aka "the red phone." He always is signing for it, which is just so darn cute! It has truly become an amazing educational tool, and we (his therapists and I) are delighted.

Even at his IEP last week, the itouch was discussed repeatedly as Max's #1 motivator. Quite funny! The head of special education for the county was there and said Max was definitely the best spokesman for an itouch! :)

Today he wow'd us yet again. Without being prompted, he drew a face! This is something he did last year in great detail, but he has completely refused to do again until he learned to draw on his itouch.

How cute is Mighty Max and his lil' masterpiece??? :)


Kristi said...


I am so happy to see you have drawn another face masterpiece! :-)
How great that you have something that motivates you so much! :-)

I loved all the soccer pics, Amy! So cute!

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

I love seeing how much Max loves his iTouch! I just ordered an iPad--more for myself, but I'm thinking it will be promptly hijacked by Katie when it arrives! It was more pricey than I usually like to spend on myself, but I figure it will probably have lots of cool apps that Katie will enjoy and will be a good augmentative communication tool too.

Have a good summer, Mighty Max! Hope you have a lot of fun adventures planned!

Carolyn said...

Max, I'm sure you know more about the iTouch than I do.

Kurby Family said...

Such the artist and techie! Keep up the great work Max!

Suzanne Holman said...

Love all the latest photos!
Max, you're looking cuter every day.....
Getting so grown up....almost 5!!!
Lots of love from Grammy

Ruthie said...

I see a future commercial for Max! He would definitely be an amazing spokesman for them!

hannah m said...

WOW! I so love the moment this picture captured. Max the artist looks so handsome!

Crystal M. said...

cute little face and I love the little squiggle of hair on him too!!