Sunday, April 18, 2010

mickey mouse and his boat

If you know Maxwell, you know that he gets a wee bit "into" things. Who can forget the 6 months that Max would carry a block ALL times? Or the car phase...or the photo book? Oh and let's not forget Elmo, Mickey, Blue Dog and Monkey!

Yep, my boy definitely knows how to love, love, love!

Well, his latest "love" is the book "Mickey Mouse and His Boat." Check out some stops along their journey together...

The other day I came downstairs and found this bookworm all snuggled up on the couch with his book. So cute!

Oh and of course, Max just had to capture a few shots of his book...

The book also joined us for church and for a quick shopping trip.

A good night's sleep is never complete without some good reading. Mickey is the choice of the day!


Crystal M. said...

Very cute Max!! Enjoy your book!!

Carolyn said...

Max, you have me smiling. And I remember all the items you have been carrying around. What is next?
Love & Hugs,
Carolyn in WV

Kurby Family said...

So sweet. Joey is addicted to Mickey too, and carries two of them around, and needs his books read before bed too. Love your photography!

Shannon and Carey said...

man, these latest photos are killin' me! Max is so cute with that book. Isn't it funny how they get hooked on things?
-Shannon in Austin