Thursday, April 8, 2010

a boy and his truck

Earlier this week we had a fun playdate at our house. One of the kiddos was playing with this truck and pushing it around everywhere. We have had this truck for over two years (thanks Kristy!) and Max has shown little interest. But after seeing all the fun this girl was having with it, Max is LOVING it. And so am I! So stinkin' cute to watch him push it absolutely everywhere! (And don't you just love this new shirt..."King of the Playground"?!?)

Here are a few of my favorites...

Love catching Max in his quirky little this "soldier" stance.

And if you know Max, you definitely know this move. I don't even know WHAT to call it. It's usually a cross between a monster/chicken/and pointing man. :) I just know that it is hilarious...and quite unique!

Time for a jumping break, but of course the truck is close by. Love Max's sweet expression!

Back inside...but it looks like we are heading outdoors again. More to come!


Crystal M. said...

Its so funny how fast they catch on to things, once they figure it out its all good from there!!

Carolyn said...

Love the pics. Max is getting taller. Grinning at the first pic of him standing at attention. Probably didn't last too long. Too much to do with the truck.
Carolyn in WV

hannah m said...

I love that t-shirt for Max, and I love thinking about our kids jump-jump-jumping on their trampolines!

Kurby Family said...

Love the shirt! Joey was looking at the blog too saying "Max, truck!" And then when he saw Max on the trampoline he said "Bounce Max!" so Max has a little cheerleader over here. We love seeing what he is up to!