Wednesday, April 14, 2010

boardmaker *free trial*

Fellow parents of kiddos with communication challenges:

Boardmaker has a 30-day free trial!!! WOO HOO! Typically this program costs approximately $400, so it certainly is wonderful (and very appreciated) to have the opportunity to play with it and see if your child uses and enjoys this communication tool.

Maxwell has really been experiencing some challenges with his communication abilities. It has been such a roller coaster and we continue to experiment and present various tools for him. If I went into everything, this would be a 10-page post. Summary - this is a high priority for our family and a cause of much worry and anxiety for this momma's heart.

This Friday, I have organized a communication team meeting with his various speech therapists to help me address this issue and formulate a strategy.

Meanwhile, I am super pumped that I was able to create some schedules for my lil' man....and am excited/curious/anxious to see what he thinks. I'll keep you posted!


hannah m said...

So hopeful your meeting is productive, helpful and supportive. Very interested to hear how it goes...

Alexis said...

Communication is developing in fits and starts for our J. Symbols helped when he was M's age and he loves visual timetables every day at school and we draw our own each night at home on a calender! Now age 6 he is also talking up a (hard to understand!) storm. His verbal abilities have improved vastly in the last 2 yrs. Hope this is encouraging and you are doing a great job with Mighty Max. I love reading about his progress as he really reminds me of our J.
Alexis (Mum to J, in England)

Crystal M. said...

I know what you mean about communication being a roller coaster, Eva is the same way. I hope the meeting went well.

Kristi said...

Thanks for the info on the free trial :-) I know that will be helpful to so many!

We, too, continue to try various strategies. I hope that your meeting was productive and that your sweet little man is feeling better & likes his new schedules!