Monday, February 22, 2010

monkey heads to the zoo

Yesterday we (along with Max's monkey of course) met up with a friend and his kiddos at The Woodland Park Zoo. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and everyone had a great time!

While Max was somewhat interested in the live animals, the sculptures were definitely the main attraction.

It was so fun watching Max introduce his monkey to the others...

And then he actually sat his monkey on the new cute!


Carolyn said...

Oh Mighty Max, you make me smile. Love the pics of your monkey.
Carolyn in WV

Crystal M. said...

Oh how you make me laugh Maxwell!! Love you sweet boy, glad you had a great day at the zoo.
Crystal and Eva

Drew said...

what a cutie!

Kurby Family said...

So cute, I love the monkey pictures! Looks like you had a fun day exploring the zoo! What fun!

Shannon and Carey said...

These photos warm my heart Amy!!!
Hi Max!
Kiss to you sweet boy.
-Shannon in Austin