Monday, January 4, 2010

lots of tests

Sweet Max, if only you knew how we are starting your day tomorrow, you might not be too happy. We are heading over to the lab to get a lot of blood drawn. There are three clinics waiting for a host of results before your surgery, so that you are good to go.

Remember how we used to have your blood drawn just about every week? Isn't that great that now it is only every few months? much better, right? Sorry Max.


Kurby Family said...

Poor Max, I hope you are an easy stick and it doesn't hurt. I'm glad its only every few months. I know you will be a brave boy. We're thinking of you.

Carolyn said...

Thought and prayers coming your way.

Carolyn in WV

Crystal M. said...

Poor Max, I hope he is doing ok after a day of poking and blood drawing.
Crystal and Eva

Tommy's mommy said...

Good luck Max! We are thinking about you.

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

I hope your blood draw went quickly and without too much pain, Max.

I love the video of you organizing the bins in your room! I could really use a helper like you at my house! :-)