Sunday, December 20, 2009

such a blessing

We have many talented, loving, and passionate therapists on Max's team. This is such a blessing to both of us!

Elena is one of our favorites! She is one of Max's speech therapists and she puts so much into each and every session. If you are wondering what they are doing...she is working with Max on improving his breath support and learning to blow. The kazoos are great for this. Max actually got a small noise from it the other day. (You would have thought we had won the lottery with all the clapping and excitement!)


hannah m said...

I say it to myself almost every day - how thankful I am that we have so many amazing people on Viv's team. I'm so glad you have Elena on yours!

Viv's working on increasing breath support in speech, too! She loves blowing puff balls and feathers the best :-).

Crystal M. said...

Amazing Max!! You sure are living up to your name, Might Max.
Crystal and eva

Kurby Family said...

That is awesome that you got a noise out of the kazoo! Lots of clapping and cheering for you over here!