Monday, November 2, 2009

sleeping issues

Yikes...we just cannot figure out Max's sleeping issues. We tried melatonin for several months, but that only helps him to get to sleep. We needed something to KEEP him asleep because he wakes up just about every night at 3am ready to rock and roll.

So we started him on a new medication this weekend. But unfortunately, he still was up and about at 3am...and there just isn't getting him back to sleep. I am talking with the doctor today about increasing the dose and hopefully that works. A lot of individuals with CHARGE need larger doses of medication because of their different metabolism. I will always remember Max coming out of heart surgery and his anesthesiologist was amazed that Max was actually moving his arms and legs. He was asking me, "Seriously, what does it take to get this kid to sleep???"

Ey ye ye Max...we need our sleep so we can stay healthy and be productive! Work with me here buddy....


Kristi said...

I feel your pain, Amy. And, I am so sorry that this is something that Gracie and Max share... and that you and I share!
If you guys find the magic formula for Max, let me know! :-) We've tried so many things over the years, all to no avail.
Wishing you TONS of luck on this front!

Crystal M. said...

Oh Max, please give mommy some sleep, she could really use it to be an even better mommy then she already is.
Crystal and Eva

The Claytons said...

I feel for you Amy.... I am so sorry to hear that the melatonin doesnt work for him. Hopefully you will be able to up the dose of the new med and you and Max will be able to get some rest soon.


Kurby Family said...

I hope this gets figured out. Yes, sleep is very important for keeping healthy this winter! I know mommy is super exciting, but Max- she needs some rest too!