Friday, November 13, 2009

lovin' the messes!

Ok, I know most parents don't really enjoy when their kiddos make messes. But this is one momma who was quite proud of her lil' man and his VERY big mess.

So here is Max's room on a typical day. Most toys are away, right?

(Guess what time of day this was...yep, late night and Max was busted for being out of bed. Apparently I was supposed to be fooled into thinking Barney was Max?)

A few mornings later, I was downstairs getting my coffee and making our breakfast. This is what I returned to. He pulled off ALL the toys and was happily sitting amongst his favorites!

Once he was finished playing, we cleaned it all up. Later that afternoon, I found him again. This time I was in the room right next to him so I was well aware what he was doing but let him have his fun. The boy has been sick all week and if this makes him happy, go for it dude.


Kristi said...

This cracked me up, Amy! Love all the pics of Max amongst all of his toys!

I love the "toys everywhere" kind of messes (most of the time!) because I know fun has been had!

At the same time, I will not be sad when mine reach the milestone of cleaning them all up all by themselves! :-)

Crystal M. said...

Oh my goodness, You and Eva would destroy a house together....LOL! Keep up the great mess.
Crystal and Eva

Kurby Family said...

Such a boy...Mr. Destructo! I love it!

Kurby Family said...

...and forgot to mention, I love the innocent Barney in bed!

Carolyn said...

Good job Max !!! You rock.
Keep up the messes.
Carolyn in WV

Shannon and Carey said...

omg, I blew the pic up and I am cracking up @ Barney in the bed. He's just sitting there all snuggly while Max does his thing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maxs room. If I had that many toys, heck I'd be up playing too!
Shannon in Austin

Drew said...

He's ridiculously cute! And the pic of Barney in the bed cracks me up. Miss you guys.