Monday, October 19, 2009

the sweetest sips...ever!

My little boy made me sooooo happy tonight!

The last few days he has experienced a slight interest in taking sips from a cup...this is HUGE progress! I have been introducing a cup to him for some time and he has always refused.

But tonight, he actually WANTED to try lil' sips!!! We were enjoying a yummy dinner of homemade cheeseburgers, french fries and baked beans. I was drinking a diet coke and thought hmm...this could be an interesting taste for him to experience. We are only able to do the smallest of sips (because of aspiration risk) but he did great!!! He kept pointing for more...and even let out a tiny lil' burp. Quite cute! AND an added bonus - he fed himself many bites of baked beans. Great, great, great!

Yep, my little boy sure knows how to make his mommy happy! :)

* Oh and Max, I would loved to have captured this exciting moment on film. you know, you managed to destroy two cameras within two days. So if in 15 years you want to see a video of you taking your first sip...well, let's just hope I have a good memory to relive it for you. Silly kid. :)