Sunday, October 11, 2009

the latest favorites!

Max truly cracks me up!

It seems like every week he has a new toy obsession. This week started with a framed photo of himself. He just loves to carry it around the house and stare at it. Then a framed cross stitch "miracles happen" (courtesy of Grandma Mary) joined Max's "carry along" gang. Last but not least, a trio of cars were added in today. So funny!

And one of his favorite places this week is the bathroom. He brings all the toys into the sink and plays with them while making faces in the mirror. What a character!

Tomorrow we head to Children's for a few days, and I have a feeling I am going to be "instructed" to bring along ALL the favorite toys. Hopefully we can just leave them in the hotel room and not actually carry them around to all the clinic visits! :)


Jen said...

One of AIden's still favortie things to do is drive his cars (or finger skateboards) in the bathroom sink. We'll be thinking of Max this week!

Crystal M. said...

You are to to cute Max, LOVE all your favorite things. Good luck at the hospital I hope you get all good news.
Crystal and Eva

Katy said...

Oh my gosh, I love the picture of him next to the sink. Too cute!

Erin said...

Max needs a man-bag to carry all his treasure in :)

Tommy's mommy said...

Max you are too cute with your toys. Good luck at Children's, we will be thinking good thoughts for ya!

Carolyn said...

Sweet Maxwell !!! Thinking of you and your incredible mommy this week at Childrens.
Carolyn in WV

The Claytons said...

Max.... you are just too cute!!!


Kurby Family said...

What a riot! I love that he was carrying a picture of himself. And I love the picture of him sleeping so sweetly among his toys. Good luck at Children's, we'll be thinking of you.

hannah m said...

I am just loving that photo of Max with his favorites in the bathroom sink - SO CUTE!

Thinking of you guys during your time at Children's!

Shannon and Carey said...
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Shannon and Carey said...

Oh is that a Pixter? The kids have them and they LOVE them. (Cousins handed them down)
-SHannon :):)

Shannon and Carey said...

Look at Mr. Precious boy. Oh he's so sweet. Isn't it funny what these kids carry around. When I find Abigail's little purses I look inside and there's this collection of things that must have been dear to her heart. Porter likes to carry this pointer thing around that he spied at Hobby Lobby.
Thinking of you guys this week!
Love to you,
Shannon in Austin

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Max, that's quite a collection of favorite things that you're carrying around! Too cute!! :-)

I hope things have gone well at Children's this week for you guys.

Kristi said...

One of the things I have always thought is so very cute about Max is his affinity for his "stuff!"
I love that he has favorites and takes them everywhere... from the bathroom sink to bed. I loved the "block" phase and think of that pic of him sleeping with it often!