Thursday, August 20, 2009

the spewing tummy

I have to take a minute out of this busy day to record a funny lil' moment this morning.

Yesterday Max's g-tube went missing. Never a good thing. I couldn't find it anywhere and the hole was looking quite small. If the hole does indeed begin to close, most likely you will not be able to simply reinsert the g-tube. Then you must run over to the emergency room....and then head to Children's because only they will have the size of catheter that you need. And hopefully someone miraculously can "reopen" it there.

So to avoid all that drama, I was determined to find that g-tube and get it back in. Finally it was found...under the bed. What? I'm guessing it happened during his night party when he was getting in and out of bed. Just at that time, Max's nurse showed up and she helped me hold Max down. What a struggle...yikes.

We were able to get it in, but we had to reuse this defective balloon (which holds it in), because we didn't have a backup due to insurance issues. (We have been working with the equipment company to prove they are not lasting as long as expected.)

We were able to get another g-tube overnighted to us, but it wouldn't arrive until this afternoon. So yesterday and today we just had to carefully bandage and wrap his tummy to protect the tube.

And so this brings me to our funny lil' "spewing" episode. I have heard of this with other kiddos, but I had yet to experience it firsthand. I was giving Max water through his tube, and suddenly he pulled away. Sure enough the tube went with him...and water started spewing straight from his stomach. I had just filled him up quite a bit, so it was really *spewing*!!! It wasn't gross...just crazy and unexpected! Oh my goodness. So I seriously had to "plug up" my kid with my finger while I could get the g-tube ready for reinsertion.

Oh Max, the experiences we have together are quite interesting! :) Thanks for teaching me patience, innovation and the ability to just laugh at such crazy moments!


Kristi said...

Ah... the spewing tummy! Glad it wasn't gross for you! My experiences with that (and it's been a few years, thankfully!) have always fallen into the category of gross! And, it was always after a G-J tube came out... ew!
LOVE the pics of you and Max giggling and think that it's just divine to have Granny there for six whole weeks! LUCKY! :-)
Thanks for your comments this morning... your support means so much, my friend!

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

Oh my! We have yet to experience that. I can only imagine :)

AJM said...

Never a dull moment, Max you are so awesome!!!

Love you...

AJM said...

Oh my, life is never booring with the awesome Max.. He is so handsome and growing very tall.. Heavenly Father loves him sooooo much.. and I can see him in Max.. How beautiful..

Love you...

Crystal M. said...

I am glad you found it and everything is ok now!! Oh Max way to keep mommy on her toes.
Crystal and Eva

mama to jayna and ryen said...

okay...this probably shouldn't be laugh out loud funny, but it is. we haven't had to change out jayna's g-Tube yet, and i'll tell you what, i'm dreading it. i'm sure you'll get a frantic phone call when i'm not able to insert the new one (i wasn't able to do it in the hospital because scar tissue blocks the top of the hole...ugh!)