Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my wild man

Oh my silly is this kid? He didn't take a nap today and was definitely tired. But instead of going to sleep, he kept going to my bedroom and running/dancing/playing in front of the mirror. It was too cute! It has been three hours since I first put him in's now 10pm and we are still working on it. What a character. He justs get so wound up that he truly cannot calm down. It's a lil' crazy!

*And yep, he is still having his night parties. My mom was treated last night to Max getting up over and over again. He loves to get up and explore...turn on the lights...and play. We then put him back to bed. Soon after the cycle starts all over again. Fortunately he is happy, but his lack of consistent sleep is definitely not good! :)

I am so hoping his surgery helps tremendously with his sleep apnea. Then perhaps...just perhaps...he will sleep better. (*fingers crossed*)

Off to check on my lil' wild man!


Katy said...

Those pictures kind of remind me of that famous Tom Cruise scene in 'Risky Business'. :)

Crystal M. said...

Oh Maxwell!! What is mama going to do with you?!?!?