Monday, August 17, 2009

a fun sunday afternoon

Grammy and Max enjoyed some fun, sweet moments together yesterday. (She is visiting from AZ for six weeks...such a wonderful long trip!)

Max introduced her to our relaxing times on the deck.

Then he just had to show off his ability to "ride" his tricycle. We accomplished this by taping his feet to the pedals and then pushing him (very carefully) around the park. He really liked it!

And yes, he has a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. Who knows? Sometimes he just loves carrying it around everywhere! :)

"C'mon Grammy...let's go! I have lots more to show off for you!"

(Actually right after this photo, Max was walking around and had two smackdowns with the cement. Not a pretty sight!)


Eva Nichole said...

We just found out Eva has a favorite blanket as well. Great job on the bike Max!!

Anonymous said...

Max, you continue to leave me speachless and amaze me. Love you buddy

Kurby Family said...

Great work on the bike! Mommy is so innovative! Hope you enjoy Grammy's stay--it sounds like you will be showing her all your tricks. Have fun!