Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Thank you so much Vivian and Hannah for introducing us to the WOW! CITY! book. We are really enjoying it!

We are just loving our local library these days! For whatever reason, I hadn't been to a library since college even though I read often. Every time I go to pick up our books, I get so excited and the librarian thinks it's funny!
Here are some of the other books and videos we got this week. (And no, I swear I did not pose Barney.)
Last night we read these three books over and over again.
It is simply thrilling that Max is learning to enjoy books. He has reached that developmental stage of sitting still, turning pages (sometimes appropriately), and listening to the story. So exciting!


hannah m said...

Wow! (Do you find yourself saying WOW! to everything now?! :-) I do!) I'm so glad you and Max like it. In your photo, Max is turning to my favorite page - Wow! Park!

The library is one of my favorite places on the planet - so full of possibilities! Though I just recently started getting books for Viv there - so fun to get a little something for both of us!

Jennifer said...

You know you can request stuff online too don't you? That is an awesome benefit!!

~K said...

Don't you love the library! Nora just loves checking out her own books (although she always picks out books that are small with pretty jackets, rather than books she can actually understand). BTW, I have a bunch of your vidoes! I need to give them back to you and would love to see Mr. Max.

Carolyn said...

Barney seems interested too.

Tommy's mommy said...

If you get a chance, ask the children's librarian to see the preschool 'activity box' list. The boxes that you can check out are organized by theme (transportation, friends, farm animals, beach) and they have books, puzzles and dvd's in a big black box to borrow. Just another idea at the library :)