Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hot, hot, hot

It has been crazy hot here in Washington! I think yesterday we broke the record with three digits...yikes! Very few people have air conditioning in this area so it makes for a VERY uncomfortable heat.

And apparently Max decided to express himself with these magnetic letters...H...O...T. How crazy ironic is that!?!

(No, Max didn't spell out the word...he just happened to be playing with those letters and I helped him put them in order.)


Eva Nichole said...

Are you kidding me?? HE DID THAT?? WOW!! You are one smart little boy Max.
Its still cooler here then normal but its ok right now.
Hope it cools down for you all soon.
Crystal and Eva

Kurby Family said...

It sounds pretty uncomfortable out there! I hope a cool breeze comes your way soon. Hang in there Max, its the dog days of summer!

Eva Nichole said...

Ok if I would have read more I would have saw he did not spell it but hey he knew it was something because he had those letters with him...LOL!