Friday, June 5, 2009

latest favorite toys

Max is VERY into his "Chicken Elmo" and plays it a gazillion times a day. "Elmo wants to be a chicken, Elmo wants to be a chicken...cluck cluck cluck cluck."

Today he decided Chicken Elmo and (regular) Elmo should meet and kiss. He even did the "moowah" sound effect for the fun!

This "laptop" is also a favorite.

And the furry lil' creatures in the background are an oldie but goodie. They are part of a "Monster Bowling" set and he just loves to line them up. Not for bowling, just for playing!


~K said...

Nora sleeps with that Elmo--the problem is he is a real blanket-hog and that annoys her in the middle of the night, when she doesn't have the resources to cope. I finally had to hide him in the hamper so we could all get some sleep :-) Glad the IEP went well!

Eva Nichole said...

We have both those Elmos, Eva has not played with them in a long time but when I get her new room in order I am going to try and get some toys to where she can play with them.
Looks like you really know how to have fun Max!!
Crystal and Eva

Suzanne Holman said...

Max, can't wait to get there and play with you with all the great toys you're enjoying!
Love from your Grammy

Anonymous said...

can we do the chicken dance together max? hope you have fun playing and singing and signing with elmo!

Carolyn said...

Max, You sure do enjoy your toys. Love all the pictures. You have the sweetest lil face.
Carolyn in WV

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

This post made me laugh! Elmo kissing Elmo... what a sweet gesture! You are so smart Max. And Max, we highly recommend the pool. Give in little guy... you will love it.