Tuesday, June 2, 2009

just 10 days until...

...my younger brother, Bennett, and his fiance Katy get married! We are all so excited! It is going to be wonderful to see everyone and celebrate their nuptials. AND this will be Maxwell's first wedding to attend. (Oh please, oh please, oh please Maxwell...be a good lil' boy!)

Here are a few cute pics of the happy couple.

At Thanksgiving, we all wear crowns from our party "crackers." Next weekend they will once again be king and queen!

I love this photo! After some arm twisting from me, Bennett and Katy agreed to sign some songs with me and Max when we were home last year. It was great!

How handsome is my brother...and of course my lil' man!?!

Bennett and Katy - we are so happy for you! West Virginia, here we come!


Katy said...

Awww...yay!! I've finally been cool enough to make it onto your blog. :)

I kinda wish I'd been able to proof the photos first though, haha. Couldn't you have found ones where I looked more like a queen?

We are super excited about the family all being in Wheeling! I guess I didn't realize that it was Max's first wedding, but I'm sure he'll LOVE it. Lots of music, dancing and fun lights coming from the dj booth. What's not to love?

hannah m said...

Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see photos of you and Max dancing the night away! :-)

Eva Nichole said...

Very exciting, I can not wait til Oct when my brother gets married and Eva gets to be a little flowergirl. How exciting is that?? Have a safe and wonderful trip.
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

have fun..and congratulations to the newlyweds! She's a beautiful sister in law