Wednesday, May 20, 2009

appetizer tuesday

Lots of news the past few days...TEN appointments in two days. I was pretty impressed that we fit it all in and did so well! But I only have a few minutes to post this morning. So let's just get to the good stuff...yummy food. :)

Yep, we scored. We were at Children's for "Appetizer Tuesday"...mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, jalapeno poppers, the works!

I wasn't even really hungry but just had to share the magical day with Mr. Max. :) (It's the lil' things in life that make memories, right?)

Every time I am in that cafeteria, so many memories flood back. I'm sure it happens to so many other parents too. When you have a child seriously ill in the hospital and you take the time to sit in the cafeteria, it's a very surreal experience. Here you are eating amongst all these one realizing your child is on life support upstairs...and life simply goes on. You look around wondering what others are experiencing that day. You want to give support to others but you are so empty. You wonder if life will ever be normal again. You wonder if your child will ever be healthy enough to experience a cafeteria lunch (I know that seems silly, but I do remember questioning and hoping for that!).

And there we and my son enjoying lots of fried yummy appetizers. Dreams do come true, don't they? :)

* ADDED BONUS: I ran into Dr. Tom Brogan, one of my all time favorite doctors from Max's most difficult time in the PICU. Without a doubt, he played a pivotal role in helping save Max's life. It was wonderful to be able to express to him how very important he was to Max, me and my family. His bedside manner, his desire to go above and beyond, his passion and love for children, and his medical expertise...amazing, truly amazing! I will always remember there was a week that I was particularly concerned/frustrated about the lack of coordinated care among the specialties. He immediately stepped in and took over as "Team Coordinator" even though he wasn't even on duty that week (and is one of the head clinical directors in that unit). It was wonderful and provided much relief to all of us. Thank you Dr. Brogan for all that you do.


Eva Nichole said...

YUMMY!! I am hungry now!! LOL!
It is amazing what some doctors and even nurses can do the help with day, weeks, and even months in the hospital.
I get the same feeling you get when we go to the cafatiera of our hospital.
Hope everything went well and it was not to long for Max.
Crystal and Eva

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

You words could have been coming out of my mouth! I so remember all those feelings and experienced them as well... and still do when back there. How great to have Max with you now enjoying some food! And what a pleasant surprise to run into one of your favorite doc's. How did all the appointments go?

Jaye said...

I remember when my now 18 year old was in the NICU. His twin brother had died..and I went from the high of being pregnant with the crashing low of one dead and one very small and sick...and I remember having to leave the NICU to get some sleep for the first time in DAYS...and I walked out of the hospital and the sun was shining and people were driving to different places..and I wanted to scream "STOP..EVERYTHING MUST STOP"...I just wanted the whole world to stop..because MY whole world had stopped....but that ended up being the healer for me..the world DIDN'T stop...and I slowly healed..and my son grew strong..and If I could only have known THEN that my sick four pound baby would grow to be funny,smart,LARGE 18 year old who gets to graduate in June, it would have made it so much easier...
You are right..dreams DO come true!
You enjoy your dreams coming true every day..because Maxwell is an amazing child and he will astound you every day! :)


Anonymous said...

congrats max..and i know what you mean about the cafeteria..everytime I'm there I wonder who's there going through the same thing I am or worse.

hannah m said...

Oh, Amy, I can totally relate to that feeling in the hospital - I don't think it will ever really go away for me. There are so many triggers that take me back to hospital life.

But how much do I LOVE that you and Max shared a plate of yummy, fried appetizers in the cafeteria of the place that holds so many hard memories?!!! I LOVE that you are adding such special, happy memories - and that you can run into amazing people like Dr. Brogan (I am so moved reading about what how he helped you and Max - what an amazing soul!). These are the kinds of moments that don't replace that hard ones, but soften them. And what a beautiful part of your story they are!

Sarah said...

So neat to hear about the eating. You put it so perfectly. I found myself looking around often during our hospital stays wondering what others were experiencing....ugh...what memories. Teaches you to appreciate the tiniest little things!

God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb Hlebiczki

Tommy's mommy said...

Oh Amy, you couldn't have said it any better about the hospital cafeteria. Heavy sigh, been there many a time in the worse of times, wondering if Tommy would even survive.

Gretchen said...

Ha! Chris always tries to get me to schedule appointments on Tuesdays JUST so he can graze the appetizers!!