Monday, April 13, 2009

crazy for chocolate

Yep, Maxwell is definitely my kiddo. Two of his favorite foods are chocolate and peanut butter...yummy!

This weekend was our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and Max was "helping" me stuff the eggs. He decided that Hershey's chocolate bars were his favorite and kept digging into the bag to retrieve more of them. Quite impressive!

And yep, there he is signing "chocolate" form a C with one hand over the other. For those closely observing, you might notice that his sign looks a lot like his ROCK sign which is one hand cupping the other fist. But in context, it's totally obvious what he is wanting. :)


Catherine said...

Ahh... only we know their special language and I love that, the subtle differences between signs

Sarah said...

So cute! So so so cute!

God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb Hlebiczki

Carolyn said...

I love that face.

Jaye said...

How can you look at that ADORABLE face and NOT give him every chocolate he wants?! lolol...

Eva Nichole said...

And great signing Max, as always!!
Crystal and Eva