Sunday, March 29, 2009

papa and grandma are here!

Grandma Mary and Papa came to visit us this much fun! Mommy was excited to show off all my new skills. And I think they were just a wee bit impressed with my new walking!!!

On Friday, they came to my school and met all my teachers and friends. (I was so happy to be at school had been weeks!)
Thanks Grandma and Papa for all the love and giggles!
I introduced Grandma to the "sensory table."
And I learned this cool new game at school! My aide didn't think I would like it, but Mommy said "come on, let's just try it!" We were all soooo excited! I lay on the swing on my tummy and use my legs to move forward and put the beanbag in the bowl. Pretty cool, right? :)

Later we went to lunch and I took this picture of my beautiful grandma! Seriously, I TOOK THIS PHOTO! Pretty darn good, don't you think?

(Max is obsessed these days with playing with my phone and camera and loves to observe the world through a lens. It's quite hysterical and every once in a while, he gets a shot of something other than our feet or the lights!)


Eva Nichole said...

WOW Max great job on the photo I see a great photographer in the future!!
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

amy..seriously..get the boy one of those cameras and let him go at it..wouldn't it be interesting to see the world how he sees it..I bet you the "block" or "Ekmo" or "cars" or "mickey" would be in the first few pages of his new photo album.

Max world renowned photographer