Tuesday, March 3, 2009

max's "home page"

Max's book (and in particular the photo of our home...aka "home page") continues to be his great love/obsession. He carries it everywhere and it must, I repeat MUST, be always turned to the "home page."

The book jumps with Max on the trampoline.

It attends birthday parties and visits lil' princess castles.

And of course, the book tags along for a walk around the neighborhood...

...and fun times on the playground swings!


The Claytons said...

Too Cute!! The poor blocks have been replaced (haha).


Sara Blair said...

so...will there be a mini book about the mini book?

hannah m said...

I think it's so cool that Max is so attached to his "home page." I think that's so telling of the safe, loving and fun home you've created, Amy!

Eva Nichole said...

That is adorable!! Max you are to cute!!
Crystal and Eva
PS I hope you got our card, I know we love ours and I was so happy with my class I had to send you one, I am trying to keep up with your craftieness...LOL!

Carolyn said...

Mr. Maxwell, I love you!!! You are SUPER, SUPER,SUPER.
Carolyn in WV

MadAnne said...

I must have missed something, where's the block?