Sunday, March 15, 2009

amazing...truly amazing!

Today Max and I headed to Traders Joe's...and a dream came true.

He used the little "Customer in Training" shopping cart, and it was awesome! I have always enjoyed seeing kiddos with their carts and was so excited thinking of Max using one was worth the wait! Oh my goodness...I was smiling, I was crying, I was filled with joy and pride.

Check it out...I guarantee a smile!


Eva Nichole said...

Amazing Maxwell! What will he do next??
I was waiting to see him throw a bunch of things in the cart...LOL!
Great job!
Crystal and Eva

Lara said...

What a pro!

Diane and Alex said...

This just made my day. What a big boy you are. YEAH!!!! Thanks Amy for sharing these wonderful days with us. You deserve Mother of the Year award!!

Mary said...

I agree with Crystal - Maxwell will decide that what goes in the cart can "fall" out of the cart. LOL

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

WOW! Amy, that is amazing. Max is doing so wonderful. Enjoy this moment and scrap some great stuff. You are the proudest mom in the world right now and you have every right to be.

Shannon and Carey said...

Oh my! What a great learning opportunity. He can steer that cart very well. He's so adorable Amy. I bet you were overcome with joy.
Love and hugs,
Shannon in Austin

Jaye said...

How AMAZING is this child??? That must have been an AWESOME day for you Amy! How fun!!! He just boogies around that store, letting go to walk to the front of his cart...turning it around...what a guy!

Anonymous said...

great job proud of you!

Carolyn said...

Oh Max, your Mommy said this would guarantee a smile and that it did, but I also, shed some happy tears. Way to Go Max (and Mommy too).
Carolyn in WV

Kristi said...

AMY!!!!! MAX!!!!!!
That made me smile, laugh and cry... all at the same time!
Like Crystal, I was waiting for a little mischief! Maybe pulling stuff off the shelf?! You don't want him to, yet at the same time, you'll be thrilled that he does it because he can!!!

I just read back several days and saw the post on the 8th about walking back and forth from the TV to you while watching "Signing Time." What a difference (less than) a week makes, my friend! :-)

Woo Hoo, you two! :-)

Big hugs to you friends,
Oh... and love your mommy OT session! We are all about that kind of stuff around here! :-)

Christy said...

Wow! This just made my day! Thanks for sharing Max with us, Amy. What a beautiful boy you have there! :)

Melissa Elsner said...

Yahoo!!! Go Max go! I like the fancy foot work near the end. Trying all kinds of tricks. He's a natural.

Eva and her 'rents said...

I love Trader Joe's and their little carts! Eva tends to keep her head down when she drives. It makes me so nervous when she veers toward towers of wine bottles!

hannah m said...

Oh, my gosh! Amy, my heart is SO FULL seeing your Mighty Max grocery shopping! An absolutely beautiful sight - I am smiling so joyfully right now...

You rock, Max!