Monday, February 23, 2009

staying home...again

Yep Mommy has decided I need to stay home from school and therapy appointments...again. Kind of bummed because I really miss my friends, but she's probably right.

Mommy was kind enough to share her cold with me last week, and my body hasn't been handling it all that well. The stuff coming from my nose is pretty darn impressive, let me tell ya! And my cough...eeks. Doesn't sound good. We are hoping for a miraculous recovery today so I can return to my normal schedule tomorrow, but this might just require a trip to the doctor's for some good ol' steroids.


The Claytons said...

Hope you feel better soon Max and you can return to school and therapy.

The Clayton Family

Eva Nichole said...

I hope you feel better soon sweetie!!
Crystal and Eva

Dylan and Family said...

Ugh. That is a bad cold that your Mommy had, Mr. Max. Hope you don't have to go to the doctor and wish you a speedy recovery. Take care friend.

Kristy, Dylan, Jonah, and Ray