Monday, January 26, 2009

my light fanatic

Mighty Max really, really enjoys lights. It's quite a game for him.

When he was younger, the overhead lights in the car were "it." On our weekly journey to Children's, we would often stop on the side of the road and turn the lights off and on to snap him out of a mood. (Speaking of moods...oh my. Where did my sweet lil' happy boy go? That's another post for sure.)

Anyway, back to the story. So a few months ago, the dining room light became the focus. He insists on having it on at all times. If I happen to forget, walk by and turn it off...Max knows instantly (even when not in the room). I swear he has a "sixth sense" about lights.

He has one-upped his silliness this past week and now likes to direct me to turn on all the lights. Sitting in one place, he will point to each light. Once I turn that on, he is momentarily pleased but then realizes there are MORE lights. So he points to the next...and the next. (Sometimes he wants to walk around with you, and other times he prefers to sit still and observe.)

Uh oh Momma...the dining room light is off. Can you get it for me?

Hey, great job!

Yep, I found's over here!

Don't you just love all our beautiful lights Mommy?


The Claytons said...

Too funny and too cute! :O)

Christopher loves lights as well. I chalk it up to him looking at them for the first 72 days of his life all of the time.

Carolyn said...

Oh Sweet Max, You sure do "light up my life". You are awesome and your mommy is incredible.
Carolyn in WV

Eva Nichole said...

Eva loves her lights as well, her favorite is lights and celling fans. I told Dan when she gets her room done we need a ceiling fan in there for her so we will see what we can do.
Keep mommy hopping to the lights Max....LOL!
Crystal and Eva

Shannon and Carey said...

Our electricity bill is going to be higher the next couple of months! Porter loves to have the entry way light on and the hallway light on. Oh these boys I tell ya.

He says "Ligh", "ligh", "ligh".

I love that picture window Max is sitting in front of!

-Shannon in Austin (49 degrees)